Almost Crying With Joy Cause Someone Else Got Lots of Money?

When I was little my brother introduced me to a game called The Longest Journey, it was a puzzle game, a full length point and click adventure and I loved it, I loved everything about it. (though the protagonist, April had a monkey doll that scared me, and scared me ten times as much when I clicked it one time too many and it’s eye fell out.)I got stuck, I was frustrated, I almost didn’t finish it, but I did. And it was the best game ever. And then years later there was a sequel, another long journey, called Dreamfall. And that was amazing.
A month ago I found a Kickstarter for the third installment to The Longest Saga. The Longest Journey: Dreamfall Chapters. I gave them some money, because it’s everything I adore about Kickstarter. And they got it funded.
I will properly review the game soon, but for now I’ve got to go and revisit Stark and Arcadia.



She had not been a  mermaid long, and as such had not yet outgrown the simple joy of movement through water, the delight found in the path of bubbles.
She could spend hours just gliding and gazing at the trails and patterns she could create with her body.
She didn’t notice, much less care about the disdain that the others showed her. Because they disregarded her as simple not a one of them noticed the beatific look on the new one’s face.
She seemed only to want to sway and swoop and swoon, treating the temperate waters like the touch like a long lost lover’s embrace.
And perhaps gratified by the new one’s state of utter bliss her new-found old lover caressed her gently. Arms stretched out in loving greeting with tail swirling and sweeping behind her, she showed her grateful adoration.