Ice-cream money

I wished I had an ice-cream;
so I looked in my purse for money
and all I found was myself.

Ticket from pharmacy weighing scales with a quote from Sandman written across the back
one handwritten and three printed love poems by people I never have/never will meet.
A card with information of Asthma attacks and what to do if I have one.
A tiny drawing of a poké-ball with the words “Pikachu- I Choose You!”.
An out of date student card from when I was still in formal education.
A note from a second hand book saying “Enjoy Your Summer”
Three first Class stamps with Doctors nine to Eleven on them.
A purple piece of card with stuff about Sagittarians on it.
A torn list of my favourite songs from when I was 15.
two 87p stamps: good for a letter to Ireland
Five receipts from Oxfam and WH Smith.
A library receipt of someone else’s loans
A card with contact details for my bank.
Two “Fighting Animal Testing” badges.
A small wire coil (Not a contraceptive).
A drawing of the Cheshire cat by Zoe
An Astérix sticker from a small boy.
My Co-operative membership card.
An attempt at keeping to a budget.
A picture from Rock Paper Cynic
Gloucester County Libraries card
A secret challenge from college.
A sticker with my name on it.
Wagamama’s discount card.
Santander bank debit card.
A card for the local gym
A Blockbuster Card.
A childhood photo.
2 airmail stickers
Bus tickets.
A hair grip


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