Make Grá The Law

So a month or two ago a friend of mine asked me my reasons for being behind a yes vote, and it’s taken me this long to reply for a number of reasons. One was because the last few months been mad hectic for me, and another was because I honestly can’t think of a reason not to!
I have honestly never thought seriously about getting married someday. Never since I came out six years ago people have asked me if I’d ever get married to another woman and my answer was always “Not until it’s fully legal in Ireland.” and I honestly thought that it wouldn’t come up for years in Ireland even as a thought.

The no side seem to have decided that the way to win this is by focusing on family as the issue. But their idea of family is so so narrow! They insist on making any form of family other than the heterosexual two parent “norm” feel inadequate every time they pass by a poster.

People say marriage is to protect the children of heterosexual couples only, but my parents never got married and I have never been any worse off or less loved for that.
People say that it’s not what God would want but their religion is not my religion so why should it dicate my life? And does he not say love thy neighbour? Are all men not created equal?
People say we must think of the children, but I grew up thinking certain things would never be for me because I was different.
Any time this is discussed in public forums children see, and they will interalise that information.

Because I live in England at the moment I can’t vote in this referendum and if it doesn’t pass I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to cope knowing that the country I adore doesn’t love me and mine, doesn’t respect us enough to let us marry the people we love.
Please vote yes in the upcoming referendum, if you vote for anyone vote yes for the children of Ireland who will be able to grow up tall knowing they are equal. Vote to prove that Ireland is leaving the past behind.
Make grá the law!


Make grá the law.


One thought on “Make Grá The Law

  1. Ciara Webster says:

    Beautifully put honey, you may not be home but you have lots of friends here.120,000 under 25s are not registered-get on their cases-they only have until the fifth of may to register, love Ciaraxxx

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