Christmas Eve’s Eve

It’s Christmas Eve Eve. Me and the fada are sitting the kitchen compiling our festive playlists for our respective blogs (or blobs) while everyone else is very sensibly asleep. I’ve been home since Monday, finishing up a Christmas post for Gaelick (Link to come later), wrapping last minute pressies, tidying a bit, singing with my niece & family and cooking like mad. My brother’s partner and I decided to cook a gormet vegetarian meal from Terre a terror and took her, my sister and I most of the day to prepare. But at the end of the night it was great food.

Here is my small selection of Christmas Choons for 2014. Some of them are old favourites, some relatively recent and some that have nothing to do with Christmas as such but are still lovely.

Every year a friend of mine has a party and it’s one of the highlights of my Christmas where we are asked to draw a heartwarming picture with our non-dominant hand. It’s the Cratchitts being able to buy a new house with the money they got from Scrooge.

Ninja's Christmas Party

New year, new home, new baby! Much joy for Bob and Emily.

I’m going to make a cup of tea and head bedwards but I will leave you with a photo of our Christmas twig from this year.

Christmas Twig

Our Christmas Twig


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