What I Have in My Purse- An Onlookers Potential Character Study

Today is the 19th of April 2013.

My purse is quite large, and floral patterned. Very worn. The brand name on it is Fat Face. It was a Christmas present last year. I’ve attached my keys onto the zip, and therefore have my house key, my work key, a dirty rainbow ribbon, a ring with a blue stone and a key tag shaped like Ireland.

Inside it I have-

8 Advice Slips from ATMs.Five receipts from Oxfam and WH Smith.

3 Bus tickets.

A library receipt of someone else’s loans.

2 airmail stickers

Three first Class stamps with Doctors nine to Eleven on them.

two 87p stamps (The amount it takes to post a letter to Ireland).

A sticker with my name on it.

Two “Fighting Animal Testing” badges.



A hair grip

A small wire coil (Not a contraceptive).

A card with information of Asthma attacks and what to do if I have one.

A card for the local gym

Gloucester County Libraries card.

A Blockbuster Card.

A card with contact details for my bank.

Co-operative bank debit card.

Santander bank debit card.

Wagamama’s discount card.

An out of date student card from when I was still in formal education.

My Co-operative membership card.

A tiny drawing of a poké-ball with the words “Pikachu- I Choose You!”.

A torn list of my favourite songs from when I was 15.

A drawing of the Cheshire cat by Zoe

An Astérix sticker from a small boy.

A note from a second hand book saying “Enjoy Your Summer”.

A secret challenge from college.

one handwritten and three printed love poems by people I have never/will never meet.

Two love poems by someone I have.

A purple piece of card with stuff about Sagittarians on it.

A childhood photo.

A picture from Rock Paper Cynic.

Two receipts from pharmacy weighing scales, six months apart, one with a quote from Sandman written across the back.

An attempt at keeping to a budget.


Omelette Recipe – With Pictures

Simple Omelette

(Cause food is always amazing!)

Finished Omelette

(Serves three)
5 Free-range eggs
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
A handful of chives
About four spring onions
Three ounces of Cheddar (Optional)
A tablespoon of COLD water
Teaspoon of olive oil (Butter works as well)

Break the eggs into a bowl, and beat until mixed together fully.
Then add the cold water, salt and pepper to this and beat some more.
Beating the eggs

Chop the chives and spring onions (And Cheddar if you are using it )up small
(Or large if you prefer), And add to the mix. Beat quickly until mixed.
Add to the mixture

Pour the olive oil (or butter) into a frying pan and heat up.
When you start to see bubbles on the bottom of the pan pour the egg mixture into the frying pan.
Use a fork the push the mixture towards the centre of the pan, keep it moving all the time.

When it looks almost done put the omelette into the grill (and turn the grill on) and cook in the grill for about three minutes or until it looks cooked
In the grill

Then cut into equal pieces depending on how many people you are serving.

Eat and above all ENJOY!

Short Poem Drop

Potato Salad

Listen to the radio,
News of job-loss, doom, and gloom.
Look out of the window,
Gray skies, dark, rain,
Tired, Angry, Fractious people,
And for me? Nothing to look forward to but potato salad…

Can I Borrow It?This is a featured page

She said “I love your top, can I borrow it?”
And she took it, I never say it again.

She said “I want that lipstick, can I have it?”
She went home with it, I never saw it again.

She said “I want those earrings, can I take them?”
She took them and left, I never saw them again.

The last time I saw her she said, “I love your skin, can I have it?”
She took my skin and left, I never saw her again.

Fears Of The DeadThis is a featured page

I’m curled in a fetal position,
I’ve been this way for years,
They came one night and killed me,
to help to cure their fears.

Now I’m in a museum,
Naked, Screaming but no one to hear,
I’m here, alone, cold and scared,
I’ll be here forever I fear.

(This poem was inspired by the bog bodies in the national history museum in Dublin).

The Handbag

The handbag contains:

An old bus ticket,
Pages from some old books,
A blue purse,
Two pieces of paper, one saying “Anger”, and the other “Hallway”,
A music notebook full of chords, songs, and lyrics,
Two pens, one gold, one black,
A rose quartz on a string,
A library card,
A gold-ish bracelet,
A Book, “Remember Me When I Am Gone Away” by Christina Rossetti,
A small cloth heart, red gingham with white thread,
and a stolen bourbon.