A Love Affair With Bell X1

A Love Affair with Bell X1

“So she asked me to dance. I did but I wasn’t able. Oh where to put your hands when there’s so much food on the table.” – Slowset


On my mp3 player five of the six highest (And the three highest) played songs are by Bell X1. They’ve been my favourite band since I was about twelve or so, even now I see them as the start of me actually choosing a band that I liked for me rather than having picked them up from my parents or my brother.

But when someone asked me the other day what my favourite song was I was stuck! Choosing a short list of ten was difficult, but to choose one, just one was nigh impossible! So many different beautiful songs! Each so meaningful for me.

Once upon a time if you asked me without a doubt my favourite would be In Every Sunflower or Just Like Mr. Benn but I’ve changed a lot since then. I don’t need those songs quite as much as I once did.

Now my favourites would be leaning more towards Slowset, Nightwatchmen, Natalie and Next To Me. (Lovely alliteration in those titles).But for the most part they’re all good.(Though I must say there are a few on the two newest albums I’m not as fond of).


“If I had you here, I’d clip your wings snap you up and leave you sprawling on my pin. But this plan of mine is oh so very lame, can’t you see the grass is greener where it rains.” – Eve, The Apple Of My Eye


The way I found them was a kind of stroke of luck way. My friend Ruah saw Flock in the library; she liked the cover and asked for space on one of our tickets to take it out.

We went home and listened to it and we were in love with it. Our favourite song became Flame and then later (As we progressed to the next song) Rocky Took A Lover and it is to this day.

My best and most favourite thirteenth birthday present was going to see them live and the Point Depot (Back when it was indeed the Point not the O2) with her. I remember when we were there we were the youngest people by twenty years!

My seventeenth birthday present for myself was tickets for us both to see them in the Theatre Royal during their acoustic tour. We sent them some cakes backstage, they mentioned them after the interval and we actually got to meet them after the show! It was wonderful.


Though on their new album they do say they’ll “Never launch my own fragrance, Or be proper famous” but they seem to getting close enough to be proper famous, they just released their fifth album and they’re touring a lot in Europe and America.

I’m very glad that they’re making it and getting known; I just hope that they don’t forget that there’s a girl back here who knows practically all the words to their songs.


“I’ve drifted far from you, in this bloodless coup, I’ve drifted far from you, I say good-day and adieu” – The Trailing Skirts of God


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