Forever Hers

I suppose you wonder how a girl like me came to be sitting on the Throne of Bones? And well you might.
I was never someone you could call ambitious. I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to be, but that was as far as I went in terms of ambition.  All I wanted to be was a thief of some merit, petty desires considering where I am today, but that was my only dream, until I met her.
I was on top of the Kleinheim building in town, looking down through the skylight, pondering the stupidity of placing a pane of glass directly above the artifact they were meant to be protecting; when I saw a reflection fall across the glass.
She saw me at the same time as I saw her.
In the moment that our eyes met across the glass I felt different, better, more me, than ever before.
She flashed me a glorious smile, all white teeth and dark hair, before smashing the window and jumping down to the room below. I stared for a couple of seconds before following her down below.
“This is my theft,” I hissed in a low whisper.
“Finders keepers” she grinned conspiratorially at me, before running away from me.
I tried to catch her, but lost her a little way away from the museum.
That night was the first of many, I would pick a target, only to turn up and find she was already there, always one or two steps ahead of me. I would arrive, ready to take what at this point I most definitely deserved to see long dark hair disappearing beyond the corner with a thrilling laugh. For the first time in my life I had a desire beyond simple theft, I wanted to catch this girl, to talk to her, to… I didn’t quite know anymore.
It was a Friday, I think? After all this time it’s hard to keep track of silly things like dates or weeks. For the first time I thought I might have beaten her, and I was standing there in front of an open cabinet which still contained the necklace I had been after. I picked it up, and the feeling of euphoria I felt then made me sure I’d chosen the right life path. I slipped it into my pocket and turned around to leave only to find myself nose-to-nose with her.
And she was kissing me, passionately and I couldn’t think anything anymore, not even to remind myself that this was my nemesis, she made the world stop for a whole minute and it was just us two in that minute. Then she stepped back, smiling that smile, my necklace, MY necklace dangling from her hand.
“I’ve got a proposition” She drawled, I started to speak but she placed a finger on my lips. “You’ve got talent, you’ve got style and you have… Passion.” She grinned wider.
“I need a partner, and I think you might do for me. I want to work with you, to build our way up to stealing the Throne of Bones.”
Sure, what was I going to say to that? No? It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

And so we were partners, and working with her was incredible, I was clever enough, but I was absolutely nothing compared to this woman. She had so much power, could have stolen the sun if she wanted to, I sometimes thanked the powers that she had only set her sights on the Throne of Bones. She had stolen my heart with her dark glances, though I’m still not sure if she’d taken that intentionally.
She stole a day for us, it was just practice for her but for me it was the two of us by the sea for twenty-four hours. Whatever else happened later that was ours, a memory of her with no guile, no deceit, the simple joy of the theft and company to enjoy for both of us.
But that was the last peace we had, she was getting more and more impatient. We planned and plotted like never before, until we were sure that there would be no loophole, no chance for failure.
Darkness fell, I started to walk towards the House of The Throne, I looked behind me once and saw her vanish into the night, the plan was working. I entered the House and knelt before the Throne of Bones, looking at the King.
“What do you wish?” He asked.
“I wish to challenge you for your throne on my lady’s behalf.” I whispered, I hadn’t realised how intimidating The King would be, this was our liegelord, how could the two of us dare to challenge him, to even look upon him?
But even as the fear came upon be the dark became darker and I knew she’d succeeded. She appeared in a flurry and held a knife to the King’s throat.
“My partner and I challenge you, lord, make your move”
I stood back, suddenly scared of her too; The King glared at me, drew his sword and began to fight back. It was a long fight and a hard fight, but eventually she won, bloody and wounded she dragged herself to the Throne, looking at me pleadingly for assistance. I helped her onto the throne were she sat, beaming at me.
“We did it, you and me, we did it. We own the throne, we own the night, and it’s ours now!” She whispered and I smiled at her, stroking her cheek, no longer scared. But as she took my hand, her eyes began to droop and she coughed violently, before slumping weakly in the chair, dead.
I screamed.
But the Throne of Bones needs a master, and reluctantly I took it, not for power or glory. But for her, the woman I loved. Which is why I’m sitting here now, alone with the night, forever young, and always alone. Always.



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