A Conversation on Omegle About Roleplaying.

Omegle now has the ability to type in an interest and it will match you up with someone with the same interest tag, I thought I would try and see if anyone on Omegle was interested in a bit of roleplay.

EDIT NOTE: This isn’t copy and pasted, it’s something I actually did. (Well half of it.)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Roleplay.

You: Walking through a forest you notice a small clearing to your left. It looks as though someone is in the clearing.

Stranger: “Umm, hello? Is somebody there?”

You: An orc runs towards you, axe raised high.

Stranger: I quickly draw my sword and raise it to defend myself

You: The orc rolls a 9. You deflect the blow but stagger slowly backwards.

You: But regain your balance swiftly.

Stranger: I lunge forward, I swing my sword at his chest

You: You get a slash in and make a cut across his torso that sends him reeling backwards bleeding.

Stranger: I take the opportunity to move in for the kill, swiping my sword at his neck

You: In one swift blow you cleave the orc’s head from his shoulders, sending it spinning into the underbrush. The orc’s corpse staggers for a moment, then falls to it’s knees, and slowly keels over onto its front.

You: Congratulations! You have succeeded in killing an orcish father of seven, only trying to protect his family. Feel big, bold and heroic.

Stranger: Yes! Very much so! He came at me, It was self defense!

Stranger: Scumbag knight away!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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