A Conversation on Omegle About Roleplaying.

Omegle now has the ability to type in an interest and it will match you up with someone with the same interest tag, I thought I would try and see if anyone on Omegle was interested in a bit of roleplay.

EDIT NOTE: This isn’t copy and pasted, it’s something I actually did. (Well half of it.)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Roleplay.

You: Walking through a forest you notice a small clearing to your left. It looks as though someone is in the clearing.

Stranger: “Umm, hello? Is somebody there?”

You: An orc runs towards you, axe raised high.

Stranger: I quickly draw my sword and raise it to defend myself

You: The orc rolls a 9. You deflect the blow but stagger slowly backwards.

You: But regain your balance swiftly.

Stranger: I lunge forward, I swing my sword at his chest

You: You get a slash in and make a cut across his torso that sends him reeling backwards bleeding.

Stranger: I take the opportunity to move in for the kill, swiping my sword at his neck

You: In one swift blow you cleave the orc’s head from his shoulders, sending it spinning into the underbrush. The orc’s corpse staggers for a moment, then falls to it’s knees, and slowly keels over onto its front.

You: Congratulations! You have succeeded in killing an orcish father of seven, only trying to protect his family. Feel big, bold and heroic.

Stranger: Yes! Very much so! He came at me, It was self defense!

Stranger: Scumbag knight away!

Your conversational partner has disconnected.



When I was nine my sister wanted a dog. She had set her heart on a border collie dog called Shep. After a long time of wheedling and pleading my parents started asking around if anyone knew someone who had a collie.
One evening we were all sitting around the table, having just finished a late dinner and our neighbour knocked on the door. He was holding a tiny puppy in his arms and asked if we wanted her. Looking at her there was no way any of us were going to say no.

She wasn’t the Shep my sister had been dreaming of, she was a Border collie/cocker spaniel cross and therefor rather short, and my sister refused to call a girl Shep, so over the course of the evening she settled on Rachel.

She was an incredibly massive and important part of our lives as a family for the next ten years, I love our cats all dearly but they do tend to exist on a different level to the way Rachel did. We’d walk her as a family, we’d forget to walk her as a family, she was a godsend to my Grandparents, particularly my grandfather who used to take her for long walks and let her in the kitchen (Which was normally not allowed).

I used to take her for walks on the back road up Blackstairs quite a lot, up until I moved to England. After I moved I didn’t go for walks as much and when I came back home I was shocked everytime by how much older she looked. It was one of those things that doesn’t hit you quite as much until you don’t see someone for three months. Ten is quite old for a dog like her.

On Tuesday the 8th I got a phone call from my mother, she said that Rachel had gotten sudden kidney failure and was at the vets. There was a possibility they could get her kidneys working again but if not they might have to put her down.
I spent the evening crying on my girlfriend’s shoulder.

On Thursday I got an email from mam, they’d brought Rachel home from the vet, but she was dying, the vet was coming to our house that evening to give her an injection, and if me and my brother wanted to call, to say something, anything to her now was the time.

I rang and sat there crying on the phone to her.

After that I spoke to my sister, we spent five minutes on either side of the phone hardly saying a word and trying not to cry because what can you honestly say at times like that?

On the 10th on January 2013 our dog Rachel died.

If there are two things I regret it was these, firstly that I was too sick over Christmas to go on a proper walk with her. And secondly that I couldn’t be there, until I moved I had always been there when one of our pets died and when it was Rachel I was stuck, far away from her unable to get home and to be there.

But I’ll always be glad of the almost ten years she had with us. Always.