Savita and our National Shame.

Savita Halappanava was a 31 year old woman who died on the 28th of October. Her death was unnecessary and could have been avoided.
But she was in Ireland, and therefore things were more complicated.

When she went into hospital it was found she was miscarrying, and when she begged them to abort a definitely in-viable and dead fetus they refused on the grounds that “this was Ireland, a Catholic country”. Three days later she died of septicaemia.

I’m assuming you know the story, it’s been the big viral news story of the last twenty four hours or so.
What I’m here to say is that I am ashamed and disgusted and depressed by this.

I have always been proud to be Irish, it’s a fact I’ve taken joy in all my life. But there have always been niggling and annoying things about my country that I haven’t been happy with, the lack of legal abortion being one. And now it’s turned into a world-wide scandel. I’m ashamed my country let this happen.

It’s time for another referendum.



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