On Cafés – For Tosh

Funnily enough when I think of cafes I always think of you. Sure I’d been in cafes before and I liked the well enough (Hell, I’ve wanted to work in one for as long as I can remember) but you were the one who really opened my eyes to their glory and potential of them. And so now, through a logical association cafes make me think of you.


There are a lot of cafes in Stroud, there’s the obligatory Costa, there’s a few little classy coffee bars, then there’s the big three, Mills, Woodruffs and Star Anise. Really it depends on what you’re looking for. I’m a Star Anise person, and not just because I work there. It’s the vegetarian café, the “Steiner Diner”, it’s basically the hub of my social life right now. It’s where I’m writing this now.

I think you might be more of a Woodruffs person to be honest, I don’t know why. I guess it has much more anonymity than Star to my mind, and in my mind that’s slightly more your style.

There’s a new café called Black Book and it’s the kind of place I want to own. I write there and read there, it’s my quiet place, not my social place. And they do a damn good soya hot chocolate.


But at the base of all this there is you, taking me out to cafes when I’d been dumped, when I was emigrating and leaving my life behind, when we just wanted somewhere to hide from the rain or chat or write or just be. I remember just before I left I showed you how I could make paper cranes out of folding money (Admittedly coins would be far more impressive) and you said that I should find a café, go in there all the time, maybe teach them how to do it and then pay them with a paper crane. So today, in honour of you, I shall do just that.

You made cafés special for me. So thank you.


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