Late Night Ramblings

I have slowly been moving into the new house. It’s been taking longer than it really should which has been a combination of a lot of work during the days and the fact that I have internet in my room for the first time ever.

I am in fact writing this post from my new bed, a magical contraption like this one.Image But minus the ladder and with more fairy lights and quilts on the bottom and more books on top.

I decided before ever seeing the house, only ever hearing mention of the bed that I would sleep on the bottom bed and have the top bed as a deliciously comfy library, and thus far into my unpacking that is about as far as I have gotten in making the room habitable. As I go to bed tonight the floor is strewn with infinite pens, approximately 47 bangles, an incense stick, my sister’s birthday presents, a Neil Gaiman poster and a miscellany of papers, boxes and trinkets yet to find alternate homes.

Goodnight all!




One thought on “Late Night Ramblings

  1. bankholidaytuesday says:

    I miss my bunk bed sometimes. It blocked the light from my window and was about a foot too big to be in my room, but there is something irresistibly fun about sleeping in a bunk bed.

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