My Sanctuary Introduction

Sometimes I find it funny that I’ve stuck so long with my internet name, Lady-Sanctuary. It came into being about four years ago during the height of my Kingdom Hearts obsession. I was looking for a name and was going a little crazy through lack of ideas. I was listening to Utada Hikaru’s My Sanctuary on repeat and somehow from there Lady-Sanctuary was born.

And now four years later we’re here with me starting a blog and still listening to Utada Hikaru. I’m moving house today which means it’s not the cleverest day to do so but I’ve never been big on the whole “sensible” thing.

So anyway, I’ll hopefully manage to get in the swing of things, namely regularish and interestingish updates. I’ll be putting up some writing mainky I think. Should be good craic if we’re lucky!



2 thoughts on “My Sanctuary Introduction

  1. bankholidaytuesday says:

    IN YOU-UUUU AND I, THERE’S A NEW LA-AAAAAAAAA-AAAA, AAAAAD!!!!! (I had a Utada Hikaru phase back in the day) ❤

    • “wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I” 😛
      Also, in you and I there’s a new lad? Is this the same lad? Either way it’s news to me!
      (In other words, hello Nimah my sister-in-blogging-and-Utada-Hikaru)

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